The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has received a bulk of the financing is provided by IFAD in the form of a loan (USD 26.1 million) and a grant (USD 15 million supported by ASAP). Government funding is estimated at USD 11.4 million of which USD 3 million represents taxes. The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3iE), supported a number of development partners and foundations, will provide financing estimated at USD 932,400 for Randomized Control Trials to be implemented by IFPRI under Component 1. USAID will finance selected activities in Component 2.2 estimated to cost USD 329,423.  Read More

ASPIRE (Agriculture Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension)


Download “ការគ្រប់គ្រង និងប្រើប្រាស់មណ្ឌលប្រមូលផ្តុំកសិផល សម្រាប់បណ្តុំអាជីវកម្ម ដែលគាំទ្រដោយកម្មវិធីASPIRE” Agricultural-Collecting-Centre-of-ASPIRE.pdf – Downloaded 975 times – 670 KB

Download “Completion Report: " Review of Publication Investment Agriculture Sector in Cambodia"” Review_of_Public_investment_in_Agriculture_Sector_in_cambodia_B.pdf – Downloaded 665 times – 1 MB

Download “គោលការណ៍ណែនាំស្តីពីការផ្សព្វផ្សាយភ្ជាប់ផលិតផលកសិកម្មឆ្ពោះទៅទីផ្សារ - Guidelines on Agricultural Products to Market Linkage.” farmbiz_guidelines_201811xx_01_001.pdf – Downloaded 1504 times – 2 MB

Download “កូនសៀវភៅស្តីពីបច្ចេកទេសដាំដំណាំក្រូចថ្លុងដែលធន់ទៅនឹងការប្រែប្រួលអាកាសធាតុ – Climate Resilient Pomelo Growing Technique” climate_climateres_201811xx_01_008.pdf – Downloaded 247 times – 2 MB


Volume 1 | Issue 1  Volume 1 | Issue 2 Agriculture Marketing Information Volume 2|Issue 3


Guideline for Tree Nursery Guideline for Smallholder Learning Group (SLG) (Khmer Version)  Guideline for Smallholder Learning Group (SLG) (English Version) Report on Agriculture Policy Research Study


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