Agriculture Services Programme for an Inclusive Rural Economy and Agricultural Trade


  • 3,049 extension staff received training on Extension TOT as defined in the MAFF’s HRD Strategy
  • 575 extension materials uploaded into extension portal, 163,037 viewed and 43,287 downloaded.
  • 91,465 smallholder farm businesses with increased profits through applying techniques learned through participation in ASPIRE extension activities
  • 46,411 persons trained in production practices and/or technologies on crop and 43,201 in livestock.
  • 1,920 Business Clusters formed with 61,700 members (42%women)
  • Partner with 1,904 local buyers/traders
  • Work with 1,834 input suppliers
  • 245 Agriculture cooperative supported
  • Partner with 656 lead farmers (207 women)
  • Work with 675 Commune Extension Workers, 649 District Agriculture Offices in 24 provinces.
  • 230 climate resilient infrastructures constructed in 8 provinces to support smallholders
  • 84,217 ha of Farmland under water-related infrastructure constructed/rehabilitated
  • 109,658 Households supported with increased water availability or efficiency
  • ICT Chamka App developed and rolled out with over 6,000 farmers registered, 387 have used direct dial up extension service technical support and 351 farmers have used virtual market platform to purchase agriculture inputs.