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Case Study: Success of Vegetable Grower


Most of the people living in Tom Nobthom commune Ponhea Lueu district  grow rice. Few of them grow vegetable and rais animal. Vegetable production mostly using traditional practice learnt from parents or neighbors.

Mr. Eang Sim is 55 years old and his wife namely Leng Vin is 54 years old living in Sre Tameng Village, Tom Nobthom commune, Ponhea Lueu District, Kandal province. Mr. Eang Sim famely is poor. He has four children. He earned for living from growing rice and vegetable production since 1980using own knowledge learnt from his parens. He has rice production area of 7000 square meters and vegetable production area about 360 square meters but he grew vegetable only 100 metter befor joining the program. Yield of vegetable was for family consumption only and sometimes he substituted his vegetable with rice from neighbors due to his rice yield could not support for whole year. He used to face problem with insect and disease (fungus) destroyed his vegetable.

Mr. Eang Sim joined ASPIRE program in June 2018 when district team and CEW informed about the concepts of ASPIRE program of which one activity is the formation of integrated farming system groups with purpose of improving soil fertility and link products with market. The program will provide technical support on vegetable production and sharing small in kind for start-up capital such as vegetable seed.

Mr. Eang Sim discussed with his wife about benefits of participating with the program and his wife agreed with him on joining the group.

Recognizing Mr. Eang Sim is a work-hard farmer,  the district program team selected him as demonstration farmer.

After joining with the program, he learned a lot about vegetable production such as making compost from his cow manual, making botanical pesticide, how to prepare land, controlling pest insects and disease and He has introduced the buyers such as iDE, ALBA and NAV.

Mr. Eang Sim has quickly improved income through the growing vegetable. He used compost and botanical insecticide made by himself for his vegetable growing. He grew cucumber on his vegetable area about 360 square metters. He got yield 350 Kg and He sold 2000 Riel per Kg. So he got total income of 700,000 Ril. He spent 150,000 Riel. He to profit of 550,000 Riel in a period of 1.5-20 month. Mr. Eang Sim was very happy with good results of his business and he said “ I will continue this business, I believe that my family standard with improving through this business and I’m pleased to share this knowledge within my group”.

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