The ASPIRE Secretariat is a team of staff who assists the Programme Director to implement the programme. The ASPIRE Secretariat is hosting at MAFF PSU. Its functions are to support programme management and administration tasks but it does not have any technical functions.

Through the whole length of ASPIRE, the ASPIRE Secretariat will be responsible for consolidating the ASPIRE AWPB and physical and financial reports, which include expenditures that are within MAFF but outside the Programme Budget framework as well as expenditures by agencies outside MAFF (NCDD-S, SNEC and others).

The ASPIRE Secretariat is responsible for the following functions:

     ·        Overall coordination of programme implementation including coordination between all implementing agencies and implementing partners;

     ·        Consolidation of the Annual Work Plan and Budget;

     ·        Consolidation of the Mid-Year Report and Annual Report;

     ·        Open and management the MAFF Programme Accounts;

     ·        Financial management and reporting to Steering Committee, MAFF, MEF and IFAD;

     ·        Prepare in a timely fashion the withdrawal applications for submission to MEF, and onward to IFAD, for reimbursement, based on the financial statements and requests for reimbursement from the implementing agencies;

     ·        Appointment of an independent auditor;

     ·        Procurement of goods and services in accordance with the Programme Procurement Plan (except for procurement by other agencies);

     ·        Monitoring and Evaluation through the Programme M&E Unit

     ·        Coordination of knowledge management and, especially, activities designed to raise awareness of ASPIRE

·        Implementation of tasks assigned to the Secretariat under Component 1 (Evidence Based Policy).

Each targeted province must select 6 districts and 6 communes per districts as targeted areas

The outreach target for Component 3 is 144, 000 households and the outreach target for Component 4 is 70,000 households, of whom it is expected that about half will be Component 3 participants. Therefore, the combined outreached target is around 179,000 households.


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