S-RET is a project of the RGC and is implemented by the RGC’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). The project is financed by a grant from IFAD. In turn, IFAD has received financing for S-RET from Global Environment Fund (GEF). The framework for implementing S-RET is the same as for other projects financed by IFAD using funds from other sources. IFAD is responsible to report to GEF on the use of GEF funds and the results achieved.

 S-RET is implemented at national level and in five provinces: Kampot, Kandal, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng and Takeo. Those provinces are also the target area of the IFAD-financed Project for Agriculture Development and Economic Empowerment (PADEE). S-RET is implemented in close integration with PADEE. S-RET targets the beneficiaries who are poor and vulnerable smallholder farmers who are members of Improved Group Revolving Funds (IGRF) created by PADEE. When PADEE is phased out in 2018, the IFAD financed programme Agriculture Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension (ASPIRE) will expand its operations into those provinces.

MAFF’s National Biodigester Programme (NBP) is responsible for implementation of the subcomponent of S-RET supporting roll-out of pro-poor biodigester models to PADEE IGRF group members.

The Provincial Departments of Agriculture (PDA) in the five target provinces are responsible to manage, coordinate and support all S-RET operations in their provinces.

Kampot, Kandal, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng and Takeo

S-RET directly targets smallholder farmers who are already participants in the IGRF groups established by PADEE. IGRF groups consist of 5 smallholder farm households. There are four IGRF groups (usually in four different villages) in each target Commune of PADEE

Testing and Roll-out grants for RETs for smallholder farmers to improve their productivities, processing and market linkages



Email Address

Type of grant


Implementation sites


Sustainable Green  Fuel Enterprise –SGFE (local company)


Testing-12 months

Biomass (charcoal briquettes)

·   Poultry brooding

Kandal, Prey Veng and Takeo


EcoSun Cambodia (local company)


Testing-12 months

Solar Water Pump Portable

·  Portable unit for smallholder farmers to increase productive

Kompot and Takeo


Kosol Energie Pvt. Ltd (international company)


Testing-12 months

Solar dryers

·  For food and vegetable processing and post harvesting

Kandal, Kompot, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng and Takeo


Division of Research and Extension- RUA                                      


Testing- 12 months

Solar Water Heater dip

·  For fruit and vegetable processing and post harvesting



Green Innovet Cabodia-GIC


Testing-8 months

Solar chick hatchery incubator



I.M.B Cambodia


Roll-Out- 18 months

Solar Pump –fix system

·   Fixing unit for smallholder farmers to increase productive

Kandal, Prey Veng,Svay Rieng and other target PADEE and ASPIRE provinces