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Agriculture Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension (ASPIRE)




  1. The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has received financing provided by IFAD in the form of a loan (USD 38.19 million) include the additional financing and a grant (USD 15.19 million supported by ASAP) including the additional financing agreement by IFAD on 18 December 2018 and Government funding is estimated at USD 13.90 million of which USD 3 million represents taxes. The programme is entitled the Agriculture Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension (ASPIRE). Total programme costs are around USD 67.28 million over a seven-year implementation period (2015-2021).
  2. The goal of ASPIRE is to reduce poverty and increase the resilience of poor and vulnerable smallholder farmers in the Kingdom of Cambodia. To commence and implement the Programme, ASPIRE is urgently seeking qualified and experienced consultants to fill the following position:


Provincial Sub Programme Management Adviser based in Kratie Province

Location: Kratie Province

Schedule: Full-time

Dateline: 26 October 2021

Email: / CC:

Facebook Page:


  1. The PMA is expected to thoroughly understand the development objectives and core principles and compliances of ASPIRE Programme stipulated in the PIM, M&E and MIS, Financial Management, Procurements procedures, and other existing management guidelines. Under the technical leadership of the ASPIRE Advisory Team Leader, the PMA will plan and carry out all tasks in a professional manner conducive to achieving the ASPIRE strategic results.
  2. The PMA is expected to perform his/her role professionally to support the PDAFF Director and management to successfully reach ASPIRE planned targets and performance indicators. These include specific tasks as stated below:

Technical Support on Programme Management:

  • Facilitate the preparation and write up of the Provincial Agriculture Strategic Development Plan (PASPD), ASPIRE PB utilization plan and AWPB through an open and inclusive participatory process.
  • Provide management advise to PDAFF management on the management ASPIRE supported resources and activities and to make sure that the AWPB is implemented effectively and on track.
  • Assist the PDAFF Director/management identify and select priorities in the annual Provincial Extension Sub-Programme. Thus, she/he is required sound understanding of the MAFF Programme Budget framework and to liaison with the MAFF Department of Planning and Statistics for support, taking guidance from PDAFF management.
  • Under guidance from ASPIRE Secretariat and PDAFF management, facilitate support to strengthen business clusters through the utilization of ASPIRE 5 extension delivery instruments which are (1) Contracting-Out (2) Public-Private Partnership (3) Farmer to Farmer (F2F) (4) Support to Agricultural Cooperative and Farmer Organization (AC/FO), and (5) Direct Public Extension Services (DPES).
  • Assist PDAFF director/management to facilitate capacity building of district agriculture officers, and CEW to implement ASPIRE activities. Advise should focus on Project Management, Financial Management, Procurement, capacity building to focus on M&E and MIS, market networking, and other topics as requested by PDAFF and ASPIRE Program.
  • Serve as a team leader of the ASPIRE Provincial Advisory team and in this capacity will provide advice, assistance and support to Provincial M&E and MIS Advisor, Provincial Finance and Procurement Advisor and Provincial Market Linkage Facilitator.

M&E and MIS System:

  • Coordinate with M and E team at the ASPIRE Secretariat to provide specific capacity building on M&E and MIS to relevant staff of PDAFF, district officer and CEW to make sure that they all are able to collect reliable data to be registered into the MIS system. Data includes target households, economic performance data and into ASPIRE MIS with accuracy, as farmer registration, economic performance, climate resilience technology adoption, input suppliers and local buyers.
  • Provide oversight on the tracking of data entry by CEWs, review and inform to provincial and district staff to for data correction if needed.
  • Monitor data collection and registration process.
  • Provide technical support to PDAFF to coordinate with provincial administration, district administration and commune administration to make sure that business clusters are benefiting from climate resilient infrastructures, implemented by ASPIRE Component 4 and ASPIRE activities were integrated into the local development planning process through the District Integration Workshops and other events.
  • Oversee/monitor progress on ASPIRE outreach indicators to ensure targets are achieved. This include performance of all the business clusters.

Technical Support on Marketing Activities:

  • Facilitate market and technical connections between business clusters/smallholder producers with reliable local buyers, collectors and agricultural inputs suppliers to improve market access/opportunities and to address technical challenges.
  • Promote market linkage between business clusters and local firms at national and provincial tiers to create opportunity for contract farming.
  • Facilitate business connections between business clusters with credit providers or MFIs to access financial credit.
  • Coordinate with Market Linkage Facilitator to provide capacity building support to business clusters, lead farmers and CEWs.
  • Strengthen relationships between producer group/business clusters with the private sectors which is the buyers in the target communities and district of ASPIRE.
  • Increased knowledge and capacity of smallholder farmers to enter and operate agri-businesses serving high-value markets.

Technical Support on Financial and Procurement Management:

  • Assist finance office to break down budget in AWPB and Follow up the advance supporting documents and verify the expenditures correctly before submit to Finance officer to record them into the system.
  • Review all advance request supporting documents following to the approved AWPB to ensure that it was planned by budget codes.
  • Assist to review all fund receipts, payment vouchers before submitting to Director for signature.
  • Assist in reviewing expenditures report against AWPB.
  • Assist in reviewing financial report to ensure it is correct and the report must be on time for both soft copy must be sent to national on the 5th of the month and hard copy be on the10th of the month.
  • Assist in the preparation of budget expenditures projection in monthly and quarterly to request for fund transfer from national level.
  • For Program Budget- collect all supporting documents and provide summary of payment by budget activities and budget codes, then give it to finance officer to record into the system. This must work with done in coordination with Chief of accountant of PDAFF.
  • For In-Kind Contribution- prepare the in-kind contribution budget to be collected from farmers, business clusters created by ASPIRE PB 5 tools and from PDAFF facility such as working space, utilities, supplies and transportation and then provide summary to finance officer to record into the system.
  • Assist finance officer to update inventory list and prepare reconciliation report semesterly and annually
  • Petty cash management: Help cashier to manage petty cash such as advance, payment and replenishment. Follow up petty cash count report for 12 months or once a month, and conduct 2 surprise cash count reports per year or once a semester.
  • Provide technical support to PDAFF, guided by the procurement team in the ASPIRE Secretariat, on procurement process to ensure all procurement works are compliant. This includes the implementation of Contract Out and other procurement activities using ASPIRE fund/resource.
  1. Reporting:
  • The PMA will work contractually under direct supervision of the ASPIRE Programme Director and Programme Manager.
  • For day to day operation, the PMA will directly report to the PDAFF Director and with technical coordination of the ASPIRE Advisory Team Leader.
  • The Adviser will work as a member of the ASPIRE Advisory Team under the Secretariat Support Team Manager.
  • The PMA is required to prepare quarterly, semester and annual progress reports for submission to PDAFF and ASPRIE Secretariat. Report includes physical and financial progress reports against the AWPB, monthly tracking report, especially generate the report from MIS with high quality data with the validate of data entry by the CEWs and DAO and will provide additional reports as requested by MAFF, PDAFF and ASPIRE Secretariat.
  • All reports must be submitted timely and with professional quality.

Other Tasks:

  • Programmatic Approach: Provide technical support to PDAFF to collaborate with other project such as S-RET, AIMS, SAMBAAT and other development partner for implement programmatic approach and make sure that Business Clusters of ASPIRE are linked with other projects.
  • Participate in meetings, trainings and other events for capacity development as required as requested by PDAFF and/or by ASPRIE Secretariat.
  • Provide support the implementation of other projects such as RUSTH-IT, the ICT CHAMKA App to support smallholders.
  • Provide oversight on the performance of the IGRFs (formed under PADEE province, these provinces are Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, Kandal, Takeo and Kamport and were absorbed into ASPIRE) and provide support as required.
  • Coordinate with PCG as required to support five PDAFFs to monitor the performance of all IGRF in the province.
  • Perform other tasks required/assigned by PDAFF director and ASPIRE Secretariat.


  1. Graduate with at least a bachelor degree in agriculture development, economics, business management or other relevant fields.
  2. Possess at least 5 year related experience.
  3. Have substantial experiences of working as an Advisor for national and sub-national government institutions.
  4. Willing and able to base himself/herself in one of the ASPIRE target provinces for the duration of the assignment, and be willing and able to travel extensively in rural areas of the province during the assignment.
  5. Have a high level of computer literacy including familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel. Some familiarity with database programmes and statistics packages (e.g. SPSS) will be an advantage.
  6. Have a good level of spoken and written English.
  7. The PMA is a Cambodian citizen.
  8. The PMA must have his / her own computer to perform the daily work.
  9. Interested candidate will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultant Selection-ICS method set out in the IFAD Procurement Handbook version September 2010 in consistency with the procedures set out in the RGC’s SOP for Externally Financed Project in Cambodia Updated Version Dec 2019.
  10. Interested candidate may observe and download the detailed ToR for the assignment below.
  11. Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form via Email provided in the contact details.
  12. Women are encouraged to apply.

Location Interview:

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, ASPIRE Secretariat, Agriculture Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension (ASPIRE), 2nd Floor of the Administrative Department #200, Preah Norodom Bvld, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Website:

Download “ToR-Provincial-Sub-Programme-Mgt.pdf” ToR-Provincial-Sub-Programme-Mgt.pdf – Downloaded 6 times – 106 KB

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