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Overview of Department of Agriculture Extension is leading the Component 2

Component 2 of ASPIRE is designed to achieve Outcome 2: MAFF has institutional and human resources capacity to manage an effective, demand driven system linking researchers and knowledge-based agencies to extension agents in public sector, private sector and civil society and to farmers. IMPORTANT: Component 2 outputs contribute to Outcome 2, but other components, particularly 1 and 3, must also be implemented successfully for Outcome 2 to be achieved.
Component 2 will be implemented in three phases which are the same as the general phases of ASPIRE: Foundation Phase, Proving Phase and Scale Up Phase. The target outputs of Component 2 in each Phase of ASPIRE are shown in


Agriculture Extension Advisory Committee established and functioning
 Extension Hub functions established
 Extension Portal designed
 Human Resources Development Strategy for the extension sector
 Academic curricula developed
 QA system designed


 PDA/DAO staff working to performance management job descriptions
 Field agents accessing Extension Portal to support their work.
 At least 50 CEW enrolled in in-service education leading to a recognised extension qualification.
 Quality Assurance for extension materials and services functioning


 Extension Hub functions fully financed by Programme Budget
 Increased availability of personnel with skills to deliver modern, demand led extension service

Component 2 is divided into two sub-components. Sub-Component 2.1 (Improving Extension Quality) is concerned mainly with developing an Extension Hub integrating important technical, regulatory and coordinating functions under MAFF-GDA. Sub-Component 2.2 (Strengthening Human Resources) is mainly concerned with developing strategic human resources for the future of the extension service in Cambodia. The two sub-components are closely linked and inter-dependent. Some activities that are placed in Sub-Component 2.1 could equally well have been placed in Sub-Component 2.2, and vice versa. However, Sub-Component 2.1 is mainly concerned with capacities developed within MAFF-GDA, while Sub-Component 2.2 supports a wider range of institutions including the agricultural universities and technical colleges.

Each targeted province must select 6 districts and 6 communes per districts as targeted areas

The outreach target for Component 3 is 144, 000 households and the outreach target for Component 4 is 70,000 households, of whom it is expected that about half will be Component 3 participants. Therefore, the combined outreached target is around 179,000 households.


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