From Small–Scale for Family Need to Small-Scale Commercial Farm | ASPIRE CAMBODIA

Mrs. Tann Sengli, 45 years old is one of the farmer beneficiaries who attended demonstration farm training on the application of organic fertilizer conducted by Mith Kassekor Chamnan.

She owns a 300 square meters of land at Salong village, Svay Luong commune, Kandieng district, Pursat province, where Chinese kale is grown abundantly after receiving training from the company.

With a smile on her face, while looking at her Chinese kale farm that yields about 500 kg. to 550 kg. per month, she is now able to sell her vegetables at Rs100,000 per day (around $25).

“Without the training from Mith Kassekor Chamnan on organic farming techniques, I could not earn what I am earning today from my farm. My vegetables were not growing abundantly before as they are growing now.  I almost gave up my farming until I have received the training from Mith Kassekor Chamnan,” Mrs. Tann Sengli said.

“Before I joined the training sponsored by ASPIRE, my vegetable production is only meeting my family’s needs. When I became one of the beneficiaries of ASPIRE in 2016, and after getting demonstration training from Mith Kassekor Chamnan, my vegetable production yielded more than my family’s requirement and I can now sell regularly in the local market,” Mrs. Tann Senglisaid.

Mrs. Tann Sengli said that after learning on the use of organic fertilizer from the firm and applying the bio-ecological system techniques to her farm, the yield to her vegetable farming has increased three times. “I am very happy that I can now generate income every morning from my vegetable farm,” she added.

 The Farming System Introduced by Mith Kassekor Chamnan

 ASPIRE, thru PDAFF-Pursat has engaged the services of Mith Kassekor Chamnan as part of the Public-Private Partnership of the Programme, wherein the government and the company shared the cost of implementing the activities in agriculture extension training services.

While PDAFF-Pursat is responsible for the organization of the Farmer Field School and the demonstration plots, the company facilitated the training on vegetable production, and the use of organic fertilizers.  The company also provided assistance to the farmers in gaining access to the market by linking the farm gates to vegetable producers groups and the market actors.

In the agriculture extension services provided by the company thru PPP, the farmers have learned about the following (a) land preparation techniques; (b) vegetable and rice seeds selection process; (c) proper organic fertilizer use and application instructions; (d)  typical soils problems and how to avoid them; (e)  typical vegetable and rice seeds to be promoted to reinforce vegetation and plantation; (f)safe pesticide spraying methods; (g) vegetable and rice seeds treatment methods; (h) planting and vegetation methods, and (i) other  training materials support.

The firm also regularly conducted meeting with all farmers in the villages in order to share information about: (a)the latest technologies and techniques on the use organic fertilizers; (b) market developments;  and(c)  market opportunities for their agriculture products.

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