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Department of Planning and Statistics (DPS) is responsible for preparation of the MAFF Programme Budget. In this role, the DPS coordinates planning and M&E of ASPIRE activities that are within the Programme Budgeting framework. The ASPIRE Secretariat closely cooperates with and supports the DPS to carry out this task.

In Phase 2, the focus of ASPIRE will expand beyond the Provincial Sub-Programmes to providing general support to Programme Budgeting through Department of Planning and Statistics (DPS) and Department of Accounting and Finance (DAF). Wherever possible, ASPIRE activities will be consolidated into the appropriate sub-programmes under Programme Budget Programmes 1, 2 and 3. 


Each targeted province must select 6 districts and 6 communes per districts as targeted areas

The outreach target for Component 3 is 144, 000 households and the outreach target for Component 4 is 70,000 households, of whom it is expected that about half will be Component 3 participants. Therefore, the combined outreached target is around 179,000 households.


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