ASPIRE has four components. These components correspond to the three Outcomes, with Components 3 and 4 both contributing to Outcome 3.

Component 1:  Evidence Based Policy: A national investment programme that can be supported by multiple donors is designed to implement an updated extension policy that provides smallholder farmers with access to quality information services;

Component 2:Capacity Development for Extension: MAFF has institutional and human resources capacity to manage an effective, demand driven system linking researchers and knowledge-based agencies to extension agents in public sector, private sector and civil society and to farmers.

Component 3:  Improved Extension Services and Component 4: Infrastructure Supporting Climate Resilient Agriculture: At least 144,000 smallholders have improved and resilient farm businesses as a result of integrated, demand led extension services and investments in climate resilient infrastructure


Each targeted province must select 6 districts and 6 communes per districts as targeted areas

The outreach target for Component 3 is 144, 000 households and the outreach target for Component 4 is 70,000 households, of whom it is expected that about half will be Component 3 participants. 

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