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Case Study on Vegetable Production

Preah Vihear

Ms. Tong Phun is 53 years old, she lives with her husband and her children in  S`ang village, S`ang commune, Chey Sen district, Preah Vihear province. She has been living in this village just about 5 years only. She is a member of a local vegetable producer group. She has grown vegetables since many years and she earns in average USD 200 per month by selling vegetables while the family monthly expenditure is around 200 USD.

She grows vegetable in a 750 m2 land at open field and she also has land for grows rice in two hectare  and raises poultry and livestock for her household income and consumption. She is solely working on the farm and her husband works also help her in farming activities.  She is able to grow vegetables all year round since dig well last two years. An agricultural input she uses for her activities includes, plastic mulching, seed tray, bucket, pumping machine, sprinkler pipe and drip line. She had received training on vegetable production techniques and chicken raising by benefiting from ASPIRE Program​ since early 2017. She learned how to prepare the soil, to make compost fertilizer, integrated pest management techniques and how to grow vegetable by using plastic mulching.

By changing behavior from conventional practice and adopting some applicable in terms of these practicing improved and increased her yields compared to previous years. She has a production plan by rotating crops such as cucumber, yard long bean, green mustard and mixed herb. By connecting with local vegetable collector, she is able not only to improve her vegetable production and productivity but also to deal with potential buyers and negotiate affordable prices based on quality and volume of her products.

Currently, she is growing five beds cucumber which can harvesting between 20 kg to 40 kg per day. Moreover, she is also harvesting yard long bean which can harvested five to seven killogram about one month life long. She sold cucumber within price 2,000 riel per kg while yard long bean 3,000 riel per kg.Moreover, she got assistant support from district of agriculture officers and provincial of agriculture officers not only technical but also share market information and kinds of crops which have high demand in Cheysen and Rovieng markets.

She continues selling conventional vegetables to local buyers.

The 3 active local buyers in the village come regularly to collect all kinds of vegetables from her farm, but at the variable prices based on negotiation. She is convinced that there is a growing demand vegetable in Cheysen market, thus, she strongly expects to benefit from her increased production in the future to gain more income support her family.


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