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Abbreviations and Acronyms

  • ASDP               Agriculture Strategic Development Plan
  • AWPB              Annual Work Plan and Budget
  • BSP                  Budget Strategic Plan
  • DAF                 Department of Account and Finance
  • DAO                District Agriculture Office
  • DB                   Department of Budget
  • DPS                 Department of Planning and Statistics
  • CARDI            The Cambodian Agriculture Research and Development Institution
  • CEW                Commune Extension Worker
  • CDP                  Commune Development Plan
  • CIP                   Commune Investment Program
  • DEAG              District Extension Advisory Group
  • ERAB              Extension and Research Advisory Board
  • FNA                 Farmer Need Assessment
  • FFLN               Farmer to Farmer Learning Network
  • FO                    Farmer Organizations
  • GDB                General Department of Budget
  • GESS               Grants for Extension Services to Smallholders
  • IFAD               International Fund for Agricultural Development
  • KM&C             Knowledge Management and Communications
  • MAFF-PSU    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries-Project Support Unit
  • MEF                 Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • MoI                  Ministry of Interior
  • MTR                Mid Term Review
  • NP-SNDD       National Programme for Sub-national Democratic Development
  • NCDD              National Committee for the Management of D&D
  • NSDP               National Strategic Development Programme
  • OMCII            Office for Multilateral Cooperation II
  • PBC                  Planning and Budgeting Committee (Commune)
  • PDA                 Provincial Department of Agriculture
  • PBA                 Program Based Approach
  • RUA                Royal University of Agriculture
  • PBA                 Program Based Approach
  • PB                    Program and budgeting
  • PADS               Provincial Agriculture Development Strategy
  • PASP               Provincial Agriculture Strategic Plan
  • PEAG              Provincial Extension Advisory Group
  • PPP                 Public-Private Partnerships
  • PSC                 Program Steering Committee
  • SNEC               Supreme National Economic Council
  • SLG                 Smallholder Learning Groups
  • SICRG             Specific Investment Climate Resilience Grant
  • RIMS               Results and Impact Management System
  • VAHW             Village Animal Health Worker
  • VEW                Village Extension Worker
  • VRA                 Vulnerability Reduction Analysis
  • WCFP              Women and Children Focal Point
Each targeted province must select 6 districts and 6 communes per districts as targeted areas
The outreach target for Component 3 is 144, 000 households and the outreach target for Component 4 is 70,000 households, of whom it is expected that about half will be Component 3 participants. Therefore, the combined outreached target is around 179,000 households.
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